Q: does this work on Solaris/BSD/*NIX?
A: everything is compiled from source so as long as the product is ok with Solaris/BSD everything should go fine. i know apache and php work fine on Solaris, I'm not sure about all the mods.

Q: do i have to download the giant ~80meg tar ball for every new release?
A: no, just download the script (~60k). It will automatically download the tar balls needed if they're missing anyways.

Q: Can you add mod_X to the project?
A: Generic answer, yes.  As long as the module is decently written.  I've ran into some that will only compile as DSO and other odd issues.

Q: Is there support available?
A: Only from the forum.

Q: I get an Apache Make error!
A: Your going to actaully have to use some troubleshooting skills here. If apache doesn't have a make file the configuration script (go.sh) had a problem, re-run it and this time make sure to watch for errors. If it configures fine but has a problem compiling, watch the last 30 or so lines and find out what module(s) it barfed on. Remove that module from the configuration script and rerun go.sh and make. Rinse and repeat until you can complete the compile. Remember, less is better! With modules like mod_perl and PHP available, you shouldn't need modules like mod_auth_mysql, mod_trigger, or mod_auth_pop3!

Q: I'm getting GD errors when I compile PHP!
A: More often then not this is because you have 2 different versions of the GD libs on your system. For some reason PHP likes to use the first GD lib it finds, even if you tell it where to look. Make sure you only have GD 2 libs on there, other wise you can't use true color support, and PHP will bomb.